In Odessa, a dog shelter flooded - there are victims

The two-hour summer rain, which so suddenly spilled over Odessa yesterday, not only demonstrated once again the citizens of the changing climate, but again pointed out the essence of our city management. To do this, do not be a forehead: anyone who is not deprived of a higher education understands that problems of this kind are solved only systematically, and not by a "patchwork" method. Speak, Kostusev storming cleaned and even a special machine from the Germans bought it? On the "popular" asphalt stacked? And then - and a pond on the Balkovskaya ... Well, well ...


In the Suvorov district of Odessa continue to brutally kill animals

Until recently on the beach "Luzanovka" lived about a dozen stray dogs. Compassionate visitors to the beach often fed animals.

Several of them lived near one non-working pavilion. They were fed up with compassionate passers-by and watchman Oleg, who also has a dog-shepherd. On that Sunday, July 24, pensioner Svetlana came to the beach "Luzanovka" early in the morning.

Near Odessa, animal defenders discovered several hundred (!) Dead dogs (photo)

The spectacle was not for the faint-hearted appeared at the end of last week near Odessa in front of the eyes of animal advocates.
Mass burial of stray dogs of the public was found between Ilyichevsk and the village of Molodezhnoe in the Ovidiopol district of the region. They managed to fix on the video the actions of people who tried to secretly get rid of the corpses of several dozen killed dogs. On the trail of the "orderly" they left, having followed the car, which is engaged in catching homeless dogs.

Odessa shelter for animals is again on the verge of closure: the mayor's office is greedy

Odessa shelter for homeless animals "Ark" for the second year does not receive budget funding. The institution survives at the expense of private donations and volunteer assistance, but it can close at any moment, Svetlana Khimchenko, head of the regional Union for the protection of animals, told "Duma".
According to her, if the shelter ceases to exist, 186 dogs and 49 cats will have to be released on the street. "Many of them will die in the very first days, as apart from just stray dogs and cats, we also have disabled animals, who need our daily care."

Odessians celebrated the International Day of Animal Protection

In the shelter for the homeless animals "The Ark" of the Odessa Union of Protection of Animals celebrated the International Day of Animal Protection.
On this day, people who love animals and traditionally support the "Ark" and its inhabitants traditionally gather here. Guests brought to the orphanage what is always necessary - dry food, cereals, medicines, and, of course, a good mood and sweet treats.

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Help Yaroslav!

In September, Yaroslav was three years old. And there was nothing that could alert Mom. Healthy, active baby. Although no longer a kid, more recently, Yaroslav proudly told his neighbors that he had a sister and he is now an older brother.
Then Jaroslav began to complain of pains in the tummy, began to tire quickly, and then my mother noticed a seal, which in a short period of time grew to a large size and the baby's health became very critical.
After the examinations, the analyzes were submitted, a disappointing diagnosis was made, neuroblastoma.

rykun yaroslav

Help little Maxim!

It is very difficult, almost impossible, to write about a little boy whose life has just begun.
Ordinary family, ordinary problems, such families in Odessa and the region, hundreds of thousands.
But once, life changed and froze. She froze in fear and expectation. Little Maxim was diagnosed, which, well, as if he did not knit with a merry and playful baby.

vorona maksim

We will help Stas!

Have you ever seen a whirlwind, which in one second breaks off, and the next instant it's already on the opposite end of the world?
This is our Stas.
If I had not seen him with my own eyes, lying under the droppers for several days, I could not even have come to the serious diagnosis that the boy had been given.
Stas has leukemia, and for several months now he has been treated in the department of oncohematology.

cigangov stas

Vova needs your help!

Vova was born on March 5, 2010. Born with a congenital pathology, fibramothosis of the foot. Well and further grew as all detki-the first zubik, the first word. A little later than all the kids took the first step. But soon on speed did not lag behind his healthy peers.

palamarchuk vova

Help Inna!

A few days ago, Inna was diagnosed with myeloblastic leukemia.
I do not want to believe in this, it's impossible to reconcile with this!
In August 2016, a routine check was completed, which did not reveal any signs of a terrible illness.

logvinenko inna

We ask all not indifferent to help Yaroslav!

A handsome boy, with expressive eyes. Sociable and open. Looking at him it is impossible to imagine how much he had to endure
Pain and suffering.
Yaroslav has already been treated for more than six months in our department. He knows first hand what a serious illness is. Several blocks of chemotherapy have been passed, irradiation. Now the boy undergoes another course of chemotherapy after which he needs to undergo a complete MRI scan. The cost of this survey is several thousand hryvnia, which my mother simply no longer has.
We ask all not indifferent people to help the boy.

marashlec yaroslav


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