We ask all not indifferent to help Yaroslav!

A handsome boy, with expressive eyes. Sociable and open. Looking at him it is impossible to imagine how much he had to endure
Pain and suffering.
Yaroslav has already been treated for more than six months in our department. He knows first hand what a serious illness is. Several blocks of chemotherapy have been passed, irradiation. Now the boy undergoes another course of chemotherapy after which he needs to undergo a complete MRI scan. The cost of this survey is several thousand hryvnia, which my mother simply no longer has.
We ask all not indifferent people to help the boy.

marashlec yaroslav

Please help for little Vladislav!

Владу нет еще и года, но уже больше месяца он проходит лечение в отделении онкогематологии детской областной больницы.
У малыша совсем не детское заболевание - рак.  А это значит, что малышу предстоит долгое и непростое лечение.

prudkoglyad vladislav

Shigol Ksenia, 28 years old - Dilated cardiomyopathy

"My name is Xenia Schygol, I'm 32 years old, I'm from Nikolaev, Ukraine. Asking for help is always difficult ... But sometimes this is the only way out when a knock at the door ... It would seem that a long way to a healthy and happy life was passed, but NO! Fate gives me new tests ... In 2012, I was diagnosed with acute myelomonoblastic leukemia M4, 24 courses of chemotherapy (2 years of treatment) were passed. REMISSION!!!"

schigol kseniya

Urgently need help!

In the south of the Odessa region there was an outbreak of hepatitis A. The incident was recorded in the students of the Mikhailovsky orphanage (Sarat district). The doctors have already confirmed the diagnosis of "hepatitis A" in eight inmates of the orphanage.

Assistance to refugees, living in Sanat

In connection with the hostilities that unfolded in the east of Ukraine, in

The Odessa region was brought down several thousand forced refugees from the ATU zone. Mostly, people were settled in sanatoria and bases

Recreation, but not everything is as beautiful as we are told

TV screens. There are a number of problems and they are very significant. Among the refugees there are children, including orphans, as well as disabled people.

Help the girl from Lugansk!

Guys help !!!!! A girl from Lugansk region got into a difficult situation in life and to help no one her 26-year-old name is Galina, her husband was killed last month, she has 2 children in her arms 2 years old and 7 years old are sitting in a mess with houses, and everything is all about living and karming the guys is not for nothing, and To put on guys especially nothing !!!! Can someone help someone to help them, help with some products. Help is not getting the other day just restored the passport after losing it !!

Need help a small refugee!

A little refugee from Donetsk needs help! A family of a serviceman evacuated from the Crimea needs help for a newborn baby (boy): things, diapers and food! If possible, help please!

Let's help Diana Goldina!

Goldina Diana Alexandrovna - 10 years.
Orphan, under the tutelage of pensioner Anishchenko LM Not working. Gets state assistance.
Lives at the address: Odessa, ul. Balkovskaya 141, apt. 79
  The course of treatment - 39277 UAH.

Need help with a girl from Avdeevka

Hello, we are looking for help for the migrant girl from Avdeevka! Vika was forced to leave with a small child in her arms and pregnant! I went to my grandmother but Grandmother did not accept, under the excuse, that she and her grandfather were so tightly in one night, her mother was drinking, her friends turned away, and she was in a shelter for the homeless! To her soon to give birth! Dear friends, let's help those who can: food that does not deteriorate and will reach the premise (cereals, canned goods, cookies, etc.),! She does not have a propiska, she does not earn money for children :( she can not feel sorry for anyone and 1 hr because she needs money for childbirth and for things for the baby! Vika will be happy with any help !! she needs our help, let's help her !!!

2015 !!!!!!!!!

Together with our partners the Marathon "With faith in the heart" has come to the end. Below is the report, dry, fairly official. He is incomplete. Not everyone can enter the dry rows of numbers and words. I can not mark all those who are related to the events and actions held, the FB "permits" to place tags on only 100 participants ... and there are thousands of us. Tens of thousands of residents of Odessa, pupils of schools, pupils of kindergartens (!!!), their teachers and educators, parents and heads of educational institutions, volunteers, military personnel, medical workers and workers of schools of the aesthetic cycle, Artists, art collectives, operators, sound producers, journalists , Lighting up our Marathon, students, Youth Council - all, amicably, were able to collect about 350 thousand hryvnias (not just to collect money, but to earn them at fairs, festivals, competitions, carols and lavers), warm clothes, products, create unusual souvenirs , Write hundreds of letters and drawings. Thank you everybody! A low bow to the volunteers .. The girls, you unite, help, orient ... Give God the health of all the participants, the speedy recovery of our defenders, the warmth and the Guardian Angel to children ... Sincerely.

In Zaporozhye, a child urgently needs help!

Seven-year-old Bogdan Vahramov needs bone marrow transplantation, the cost of which is 115 thousand euros.
In February 2014, Bogdan received a terrible diagnosis - "blood cancer". The myeloid form of leukemia can not be treated with chemotherapy. Thanks to the BMF "Tabletochki" paid for the search and typing of the donor. The most suitable donor was found. Time to collect the remaining amount is catastrophically small. Bogdan gets worse every day. Any help is needed - financial, informational, organizational.

bogdan vahramov

The young Obninsk family is fighting with an oncological disease, which they found in the head of the family

09:28, February 14, 2017
Young builder and kindergarten teacher - they met ten years ago and immediately fell in love. A year later, a wedding, then the birth of a son and daughter. In late January, the Parfenovs celebrated the first anniversary of the creation of the family. But this holiday, like all the others, they met without joy. A year and a half ago, Vyacheslav was diagnosed with a terrible brain cancer.



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