Shigol Ksenia, 28 years old - Dilated cardiomyopathy

"My name is Xenia Schygol, I'm 32 years old, I'm from Nikolaev, Ukraine. Asking for help is always difficult ... But sometimes this is the only way out when a knock at the door ... It would seem that a long way to a healthy and happy life was passed, but NO! Fate gives me new tests ... In 2012, I was diagnosed with acute myelomonoblastic leukemia M4, 24 courses of chemotherapy (2 years of treatment) were passed. REMISSION!!!"

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It would seem that a long way to a healthy and happy life has been passed, but NO! Fate sends new tests to Ksenia Szigol ...
News about treatment Shchigol Xenia

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It would seem that all the anguish is over ... But no ... Chemotherapy was given severe complications in the heart ... In 2014, in inst. Strazheska g.Kiev put a new diagnosis of RISCURATIVE CARDIOMYOPATHY, HEART FAILURE (risk 4). Prescribe supportive and lifelong therapy, tk. This disease is not curable and has not been fully studied ... It was treated ... But it began to feel with time that drugs do not help. In October 2016, I urgently come to Strazheska for control, the verdict is not comforting: "How much God will give, drink medicines and nothing else we can not do!". Thoughts, tears, my hands have fallen ... I'm tired of everything ... But my friends and relatives persuaded me, while I was in Kiev, to go to the institute. Hearts, personally to Todurov, BM. And we were not mistaken ... For 5 minutes he denied the diagnosis and put a new one: DILATATIONAL CARDIOMYOPATHY, but most importantly! I'm given a chance at a normal life !!! Unfortunately this chance is very expensive ... There is no such money in the family and there is nowhere to take them ... The family after the treatment of leukemia can not financially pay for the treatment of DCMP ... The good people helped raise funds for the initial course of immunosorbtion and additional examinations. After the operation on the valves of the heart was planned!
BUT the doctors decided to leave me on immunosorbtion. After 3 cycles of immunosorption, the fraction of the left ventricular ejection increased from 22% to 36%, the tricuspid valve began to shrink! This is a very good result! And you need to continue treatment with immunosorbtsiyom throughout the year! I was also put on the waiting list for a heart transplant, in case there is absolutely nothing you can do! But then of course there is a HUGE PROBLEM! Because The donor must be identical! And I have a height of 156 cm, weight 50 kg. And most importantly the blood group 4+. It is rare and occurs only in 5% of the world's population. Ie this is a small probability of a quick selection of the donor, or rather it is equal to 0 ... Alas, but this is a fact ... I can not wait for the donor ...
The clinic "FORTIS" in India is ready to accept Xenia for treatment. Invoiced in 125 000 dollars.
I appeal to all not indifferent people to help me, without your help this chance will simply cease to exist, it will take time and everything ... darkness ... Guys, it's very scary - TO DIE at 32 and realize this. It's scary to leave your beloved son, husband and parents forever. But even more terrible for those who stay here, because they will have to learn to live anew without a loved one and loved ones ... HELP TO DO NOT ALLOW THIS !!! After all, I have for the sake of whom and for whom to LIVE-my beloved husband Sasha, who constantly supports me and continues to seek money for treatment, and 10-year-old son Vanya hopes that I will recover and be able to ride with him on roller skates and just be near .
Who has this opportunity, please ... I will be very grateful to you !!! I am very grateful to everyone who responded! I am very grateful for your help and support! I am very grateful that you do not leave me alone with my misfortune ... "

Requisites for assistance:

1. Private of Bank 4149497832093977 Shchigol card Ksenia Sergeyevna
2. Purse of the WebMoney R651064747228
3. QIWI Wallet +380950427012
4. Card of Sberbank 5469 5900 1232 0399 Recipient Victor Aleksandrovich Smelov
5. PayPal of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Recipient of Nadiya Hnachuk


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