Odessa shelter for animals is again on the verge of closure: the mayor's office is greedy

Odessa shelter for homeless animals "Ark" for the second year does not receive budget funding. The institution survives at the expense of private donations and volunteer assistance, but it can close at any moment, Svetlana Khimchenko, head of the regional Union for the protection of animals, told "Duma".
According to her, if the shelter ceases to exist, 186 dogs and 49 cats will have to be released on the street. "Many of them will die in the very first days, as apart from just stray dogs and cats, we also have disabled animals, who need our daily care."

Earlier support for the "Ark" was provided by the city council, allocating 15-20 thousand UAH every year from the budget (this is the cost of the monthly maintenance of the shelter), but with the coming to power of Alexei Kostusev, funding ceased altogether. Now the only "bonus" shelter from the mayor's office is the preferential rate of rent for a land plot on Nalivnaya Street.
"In addition, since last year in the orphanage, various checks have become frequent," Khimchenko said. - For example, veterinarians visited us every three months. Constantly come and utilities, checking how much and how the "Ark" pays for housing and communal services, although we pay in full and on time. "
The president of the Union for the Protection of Animals appealed to the indifferent Odessa citizens for help. "Dogs and cats of the shelter need food, bowls, bedding, financial assistance," she said. - Who can help, please call 795-49-15 or ul.Nalivnaya, 11 (stop the sugar factory). "
In turn, the deputy head of the municipal environmental department, Valentina Datsyuk, told Dumskaya that there is no money for shelter in the city.
"Since the shelter" Ark "is a public organization, and not a municipal institution, it is not subject to mandatory funding from the budget. When the financial situation of the city allowed, help was provided, but today the situation is different. The maximum that we can afford is not to take market rent from them, "the official said.
We note that in 2011, the city allocated 1.2 million UAH for the implementation of the program for regulating the number of homeless animals. (In fact, much less spent). The same amount is provided in the budget for this year. Basically, the money goes to the trapping service and the German shelter at the 6th km of the Ovidiopol highway, where dogs and cats are sterilized.
Shelter "The Ark" was born in 2001 year. On April 19, 2005, the mayor Eduard Hurwicz provided the defenders of the animals with the premises of the former "booth" in Nalivnaya Street.




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