Near Odessa, animal defenders discovered several hundred (!) Dead dogs (photo)

The spectacle was not for the faint-hearted appeared at the end of last week near Odessa in front of the eyes of animal advocates.
Mass burial of stray dogs of the public was found between Ilyichevsk and the village of Molodezhnoe in the Ovidiopol district of the region. They managed to fix on the video the actions of people who tried to secretly get rid of the corpses of several dozen killed dogs. On the trail of the "orderly" they left, having followed the car, which is engaged in catching homeless dogs.

- We followed the "booth" (special transport, where workers are moving to catch stray animals, the so-called "gitseli." - Auth.), Which is listed for Illichivsk, - says Olesya Kulchitskaya, a member of the Odessa OLS. - This "gas train" receives a lot of complaints. We came here to arrange an ambush, to track their actions. They waited and saw how the "booths", who brought a whole batch of killed dogs, began to drop them into the burial ground with pincers ...
When animal advocates tried to ask questions about what was happening, the animators got into the car and rushed off. The public began to overtake them. During the chase from the machine "booth" unhooked container. "Hitseli" slowed down and tried to hook it, however, when they saw video cameras in the hands of approaching animal advocates, they threw it in the middle of the road and were like that.

- In the bloody container there were 11 corpses of dogs, including puppies, to which non-humans simply turned their necks. The bodies did not even have time to cool down, - the vice-president of the Odessa Union of Protection of Animals Irina Momot told FAKTAM. - How to kill adult individuals, is still unknown. Usually they just hit their heads against the wall. However, in this particular case, blood and traces from strokes on the bodies were not revealed (this was confirmed by "FACTAM" veterinarian Yury Leshanov, who does not exclude that dogs could be poisoned with carbon monoxide.) - Author). Now we sent corpses of several dogs for examination. We have reason to assert that such "actions" are held in this place (the burial ground - Auth.) Weekly!
 "We do have a pit for dead pets that are dropped there and covered with bleach," explained the chairman of the Molodezhnensky village council Vasily Gulyaev. - Before that, veterinarians examine them, determine if any epidemic has become the cause of their death. To track when and who brings corpses here, we do not have the opportunity. However, we have not concluded any agreements with anyone ... Everything that happens is illegal.
At the same time, according to the assurances of the public, even more corpses of dogs were found in the burial ground, located nearby in the planting. It is very likely that the killed quadrupeds have been illegally dropped there for a long time. It is also possible that killed animals are brought here from a nearby Ilyichevsk, since there are not so many dogs in the nearest villages. Now the law enforcers establish the identity of the looters: the public men have fixed the state number of the car-the "killer."

Protectors of animals associate so massive actions in relation to defenseless four-legged friends with the approaching Euro-2012. Previously, the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, Nikolay Zlochevsky, stated that by the beginning of the championship the problem of stray animals in Ukraine would be solved. According to a report on the ministry's website, "new shelters for European-style dogs will be built in the largest cities of the country." However, neither Odessa, nor especially the region is not "involved" in this project.
Meanwhile, there are increasing calls from representatives of Western societies of animal advocates to boycott Euro 2012. Allegedly, because it was on the occasion of the future championship in Ukraine, mass destruction of homeless animals was started. In order not to spoil the landscape ...

As previously reported, the world-famous French actress Brigitte Bardot wrote a letter to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, in which she expressed outrage over the cruel treatment of stray dogs in the country. She noted that she expects the President of Ukraine to take urgent decisions on this matter, otherwise she threatened to arrange a world scandal.
According to the president of the Association of Zoosecurity Organizations of Ukraine Asi Serpinskaya, in our country 95 percent of animals caught from the street are killed and only 5 percent are somehow kept in shelters. In Europe, everything is exactly the opposite. For example, in Warsaw, 95 percent of animals almost immediately find new owners and only 5 percent remain in the shelter.
Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov instructed the Ministry of Internal Affairs to strengthen control and severely suppress cases of mockery of animals. As the press service of the Cabinet informs, the head of the government demands to apply all possible legal mechanisms both for prevention and for punishment of persons involved in cruel treatment of animals.
According to the report, the prime minister also instructed the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services to seriously study the problem of homeless animals in all cities, villages and towns, consult with the public to solve this problem, study and use international experience, attract volunteers and international profile organizations.
The press service of the government noted that the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine is already preparing changes in the legislation in the field of treatment of homeless animals. Responsibility for violation of legislation in this area will become more stringent.
In turn, the Ministry of Natural Resources has initiated the development of a nationwide program for the construction of modern shelters for dogs in the country's largest cities. The Ministry of Natural Resources applied to city councils of regional centers to allocate land for the construction of shelters for dogs and expressed readiness to consider the issue of financing such construction. In particular, the city council of Chernigov has already decided to allocate land for building. Now the development of the construction project is underway. The corresponding project will be implemented in Kiev.
The press service of the government also reports that today the Ministry of Natural Resources has introduced a mechanism for responding to signals from environmental organizations regarding the ill-treatment of unaccompanied animals.
P.S. Recall that in November the Kiev police detained in Svyatoshinsky district for cruel treatment of animals of a 19-year-old Alexander. According to Natalya Bilyk, DSP officer of the capital's police, a knife was removed from the suspect's apartment, by which he removed the skin from the animals he had smothered, then he dismembered the corpses. The equipment with which help the guy did photo and video of the actions is also withdrawn. These "arts" (in particular, scenes with the drowning of puppies in the bathroom), the animator laid out on the Internet.
In this regard, it should be noted that a website appeared on the Internet where young people (like the hand does not get to write "people") like Alexandra are discussing vigorously methods and means of combating stray animals. In a matter of days, over three thousand people from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Estonia registered here ...


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