In the Suvorov district of Odessa continue to brutally kill animals

Until recently on the beach "Luzanovka" lived about a dozen stray dogs. Compassionate visitors to the beach often fed animals.

Several of them lived near one non-working pavilion. They were fed up with compassionate passers-by and watchman Oleg, who also has a dog-shepherd. On that Sunday, July 24, pensioner Svetlana came to the beach "Luzanovka" early in the morning.

"There were not many people on the beach," the woman recalls. - Suddenly I heard a doggy squeal and saw a dog running along the beach. A foam ran from her mouth. The animal did not just whine - it literally screamed from unbearable pain. Another dog ran after her. We realized right away that somebody had poisoned the animals.


Hell Sunday

One of the dogs, frantic with pain and fear, hovered between the fence and the pavilion in which hot dogs and shawarma sell. Several young guys jumped out of it - either protection, or personnel. The young men frantically began to finish off the unfortunate animal with stones.
- I started to shout: "What are you doing, I'll call the police now!", Continues Svetlana Vasilievna. - And they answered me: "Call, we'll let you go there yourself. You're mad and this dog is mad. " I felt very ill and went home. Then I found out that all three dogs had died, they were taken away and buried by the owner of that kiosk near which the poisoned animal was killed.
Oleg's shepherd did not suffer by a fluke. Shortly before the disappeared, some woman tried to feed the animals and wanted to throw food to the dog through the fence. However, the owner saw it and did not allow it. The woman was elderly, dressed like an ordinary beach woman, a pensioner-a sundress, slippers, a cloth beach bag. Before, no one had seen her here. Now Oleg does not let his dog out at all because of the fence.



Mishka survived by a miracle


On the same day, those animals that were huddled near the beach complex "Malibu" were poisoned. Only two dogs survived. One of them is a dog named Mishka, and the second one does not even have a name. Now the protection of the complex began to feed the remaining ones so that they would not pick up anything.
"We do not know who they could interfere with," say women guarding stray dogs. - Animals are well-groomed, and if they are ill, we treat them. They are very friendly, they do not rush at anyone. It was terrible to see how they were fighting in agony. The poison is somehow infernal - the dogs literally screamed, suffered, let foam. But we could not help them any more.


Poisoner not yet found


According to the director of the KP "Hydropark Luzanovka" Sergey Kochatovsky, catching stray animals on the beach is the KP "Center for Environmental Problems and Initiatives", with which the administration of the hydropark concluded an agreement. But they are engaged in catching, rather than hounding dogs.
The last series of poisonings in the administration is known - they have already been approached by representatives of the public. But who could poison the animals - they do not know here.
In the Luzanovsky branch of the Suvorov district militia they say that they had only one statement on the fact of finding the dog's corpse. Applications from citizens on the fact of poisoning or rough handling of animals have been reported.


How to help a poisoned animal?


- If the animal is ill or poisoned, the easiest and most accessible option is to call 798-82-84 and call the city catching service. With her help you need to catch the animal and deliver it to us, "says Valery Znamerovsky, head of the veterinary clinic" Animal shelter at the sixth kilometer ". - We do not need to try to help: an animal in this state can bite a person. And then, it is necessary that the expert should understand what exactly is happening with the animal.
According to Valery Evgenevich, the persecution of dogs is a vicious practice that has been used in our state since the Soviet times, and not only in our country.

Blame the authorities or mentally unhealthy people?
The incident in Luzanovka is not the first case of mass poisoning of animals in Odessa. This problem has long been discussed at the Odessa forum on the Internet. Some put forward the version that all this is the work of people not quite normal. Others suggest that the animals are avenged by those who were bitten. It's not a secret that stray dogs are not always peaceful. One more version: in all city authorities are guilty. Say, there is no money for sterilization, so the problem of homeless animals is solved in such a terrible way.
Discuss the problem and put forward versions - this is of course, the right thing. But while for every fact of cruel treatment of animals there will be no written appeals to law enforcement agencies, which they are obliged to accept, the struggle with diabolical methods of reducing the number of wild animals will be reduced to talking about "poor dogs". Until it is identified and brought to criminal liability under Art. 299 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Brutal treatment of animals" at least one poisoner, homeless quadrupeds will continue to be tortured.


Home dogs can be more dangerous than stray dogs

In Odessa, only over the first six months of 2011, dogs were bitten by more than 3,500 people. In this case, most often people are not bitten by stray dogs. Thus, for example, in the first six months of 2011, 305 dog attacks per person were recorded in the Malinovsky district. Of these, only 96 cases of people were bitten by homeless animals.


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