In Odessa, a dog shelter flooded - there are victims

The two-hour summer rain, which so suddenly spilled over Odessa yesterday, not only demonstrated once again the citizens of the changing climate, but again pointed out the essence of our city management. To do this, do not be a forehead: anyone who is not deprived of a higher education understands that problems of this kind are solved only systematically, and not by a "patchwork" method. Speak, Kostusev storming cleaned and even a special machine from the Germans bought it? On the "popular" asphalt stacked? And then - and a pond on the Balkovskaya ... Well, well ...



Yesterday, for example, the "Ark" flooded - a dog shelter on the outskirts of the city, behind Peresyp. This institution, in fact, is the only lining between the world of stray dogs and a million-dollar city. At the same time, it exists as a private initiative, and not as a municipal one. Until 2010, the "Ark" received a small amount of material support from the mayor's office - 120 thousand hryvnia. And then this money also became.
Here, in the dilapidated yard in the territory of the industrial zone, they bring those dogs that the owners refused and whom the compassionate inhabitants of Odessa found on the streets of the city. Live tailed in open-air cages in the care of local "bosses" - Lyudmila Gavrilovna and Nadezhda Vasilyevna. Animals eat what dogs donate or write off pet stores. Mostly cereals, but real forage - on holidays.
And now - it began to rain. Two hundred dogs. Two women. All…
A day after the revelry of the elements, the inner courtyard of the "Ark" is still completely flooded - the water is trivial nowhere to go. Swam is swimming around. Accordingly, the smell is for the entire Peresyp. In the corner of the crockery, it is also the cabinet, it is also a passageway, the carcasses of drowned puppies lie. Behind the door, among the open-air cages, is a pack of wet dogs that either want to eat, or simply attention.
"Yesterday, when it began to rain, we, as usual, were flooded. It's always on the Peresyp: how the rain is like a flood, - says the administrator of the shelter Lyudmila Obertinskaya. - But this time the rainfall was especially strong. All that we managed to do was open the cages so that the dogs had a chance to escape. The water was waist-deep (shows photos on the phone, - Author). Dogs, of course, can swim, but that's only when there is, where to swim. And we have a lot of sick animals, a lot of puppies ... In general, who had time - they brought into the room. Who drowned - find out as the emergence of corpses. "
According to Nadezhda, Lyudmila's assistant, "Infoksvodokanal", which seems to be supposed to help in such situations, ignores all requests. In a crude form.
"So they say:" Do not invent, no one is drowning in you, "almost a woman cries. - People in the city do not drown, and our dogs are just a head and can hold water. Kittens are dead, puppies are caught ... It does not fit in my head, how can I be so cruel. "
The water will come down, the bodies of the mongrels will be buried, and new ones will appear in their places. "The Ark" will still need help. And even better - systemic changes. But even without them, they will always be grateful to the croup and dog food. And in winter it's also warm things to insulate cages.
Shelter address: Odessa city, Nalivnaya street 11. Phone 795-49-15



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