1 March at 11:36 am
IN THE WORLD, there is no greater grief for the mother than to see his bloodstain hurtling from pain and defenseless in front of a terrible disease!
NIKITKA KORNEYEV, born in 2014, was born a perfectly healthy child, developed well, when suddenly ... starting from 11 months, I felt bad, convulsions began and ... a terrible diagnosis - VIRAL ENCEPHALIT.

nikita korneev

Help is needed!

Dear friends!
Our clients need your kind help:
- children in orphanages - coloring books, puzzles, books with fairy tales and poems (for small ones), color paper and cardboard of good quality, albums, colors and pencils (12 or more colors) - the guys are already considering crafting for Easter!
- children in the adult boarding school - lives of saints, children's art Orthodox literature!
- they, the "wheelchair", need 2-3 small rugs, thick and soft to sit on the floor!
- our long-time friend Kolya in the boarding school - fabrics, flaps, buttons, braid, linen gum, sintepon filler, foam rubber!
- To people to whom we help to get home, - inexpensive canned food, noodles, etc.
Also we will be grateful if you donate disposable food containers to give food to the homeless and traveling.
Our needy wards, disabled and orphans, we always need:
- crosses;
- Gospel and prayer books;
- candles.
Let's start your day with charity!

Thank you!

Once again, I want to thank you for helping us buy diazepam enemas! Today they helped us once again to avoid resuscitation. Cyril had a violent attack and diazepam helped us to remove it. Thank you from the whole maternal heart! May God give you all human and worldly blessings for helping our children!

Children of war

deti11In Ukraine, a new generation of children of war. It's scary to understand this, and it's the worst thing to be in their place!

We want to somehow compensate the guys from the ATU zone with what they had to go through and see, sending them, accompanied by their parents to the sea, to Georgia. Of course, no rest can replace them the joy of living in peace and home. But reality dictates its conditions ...

Help children oncology department

det onko1In the department of the "Center of Oncohematology" there are now 30 children. We still struggle with the problems and needs of the department. Every time I increasingly admire our children and their parents. How much pain and anguish they experienced, but at the same time remained cheerful and cheerful. How they rejoice at the rare holidays that we can organize for them. They are waiting for them with impatience. For a short period you can forget about everything bad and enjoy life. Today, on the Day of Children's Protection, a clowness and a tamer came to visit them. I have long dreamed of inviting little animals for kids. I was not mistaken in the choice. Such a joyful and noisy holiday we have not had. Write and tell about him I can not. It was necessary to see all this. And the children and mothers were ecstatic. A sea of ​​gifts, a sea of ​​positive emotions. JUST SUPER.

Medicine needs to be developed in Ukraine.

The Jewish hospital, as well as the health care system as a whole, is going through difficult times. The lack of funding accumulated over many years is reflected in all medical institutions in Ukraine.


reabil011"We must understand that if a person who returned from the war is angry, crying, does not want to communicate, these are normal reactions to abnormal circumstances, there is nothing terrible in his behavior. They need time. It is very important to respect what was, and not to demand that soldiers who returned return immediately to normal life. " A person may need 2-3 weeks, and possibly a month, to move away a little from the horrors of war.

Help to the City Children's Clinical Hospital №3.

In the continuation of the project "Healthy Child" we help the Children's City Clinical Hospital №3. Since at the moment the hospital is being updated, as well as repair works, there is a special need for humanitarian assistance. Again, when helping the Children's City Clinical Hospital No. 3, we help children. We are grateful for humanitarian assistance Charitable foundations: "Harbor of Good" and American funds "Ukrainian American Operation Humanity" and "SOS AMERICAN FOUNDATION, INC."

Help for children.

One of the main activities of the Foundation is working with children: with orphans, children left without parental care, from low-income and large families, from incomplete and problem families, from Chernobyl families.


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